Thursday, July 14, 2011


No doubt about it, I love Facebook. Although, I love looking at my friends pictures, seeing the witty status updates and finding out who "friended" who there are somethings that I don't like. Now, I'm sure there are things that I do on Facebook that people don't like....but I'm the one with the blog so we'll start with what I don't like and to be fair, list what I do like.

Facebook Things I Don't Like

Hoity Toity Pictures
I don't like pictures of friends on boats/yachts sipping expensive champagne out of crystal glass on a sunny day while I sit at home not knowing  anyone with a boat/yacht and I can't afford expensive champagne and/or a champagne glass.

Nice touch with the guitar, Snobs.

Facebook Friend Suggestions
I love friends that suggest friends to me. I don't like the friend suggestion that Facebook gives. That fact that I'm not friends with someone who I have 44 mutual friends should tell you something, I don't want to be friends with him as a matter of fact I unfriended him in the first place. Or there is the other extreme where we have NO friends in common. How would Facebook know that I would want to be friends with someone like that....they sound unpopular.

"Awesome" Abuse
I love the word awesome as it describes so many awesome things. However, the fact that you are at Chili's eating an "awesome" burger, just finished an "awesome" work-out, met up with some "awesome" friends (unless they really are awesome) is blatant abuse of the word thus diminishing the impact when it is used for something that really is awesome, such as, the Iowa State Fair, a pork tenderloin sandwich, a mustache, 80's hair (male or female),  and the band Journey.

Awesome font!

"Only 6 days until...." followed the next day by "Only 5 days until...." followed the next day by "Only 4 days until..." and so on. The reason I dislike this so much is that you are probably counting down to something really exciting where as in 6 days I will be going to Costco's. I don't need the daily reminder that my life is "un-awesome".

Facebook Things I Do Like

Dog Picture
Post a lot and post them often. I demand it.

More pictures like this! Stat!

Witty Status Updates
"If you say something that isn't witty, was it really ever heard."
-Unknown Prophet

"Like This"
With one click I can show my approval of something. Could there be a lazier way to do something? I think not and I "like this".

Facebook: Makin' us lazy

Now if you'll excuse me, I must go like some awesome posts.

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