Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Looking Back

Yesterday was my birthday and I usually use that day to reflect on my life thus far. The ups, the downs, the "what ifs", the "what if nots", the regrets, the "could have beens". I'm always surprised when people say they have no regrets in their life. Now I get that they are usually referring to the fact that all their choices led them to where they are today and that they are happy with that.....but I think that's bull shit. As a matter of fact, its 11am and I already have 3 regrets today: 1) I regret stepping in dog poop at the park 2) I regret not having a keener sense of smell and realizing I stepped in dog poop before getting into my car and 3) I regret thinking that the Today Show is still news and wasting 45 minutes watching it. So as I look back on my life, here are a few of my regrets and my not regrets.

My Regrets

The restaurant business was good to me, but not as good to me as I was to it. I regret not getting out sooner.

I regret getting bangs for the 4th time and will probably regret getting them for the upcoming 5th time.

I love California and have met of a lot of great people here, but I regret ever leaving Virginia. In my mind, it will always be perfect.

Right back at you!

I regret not inventing the Internet, I would be a lot more financial secure. To be honest though, I wasn't that close to inventing it anyway.

I regret never living in NYC, if only for a short time.

I regret that 5% of the time I am less than awesome.

No Regrets

If 18 year old me was asked where I wanted to go to college, the answer would be University of Iowa, a million times over.

Thanks for the 6 years of memories!

Although I try to eat somewhat healthy, I don't regret that 10 piece Chicken McNugget Value Meal I had on Sunday. It was delicious. (I do regret I wasted my second condiment on Sweet n' Sour dipping sauce, more like Stupid n' Sour dipping sauce)

Ok, I regret not getting the 20 piece.

I don't regret quitting my job without another job in this economy. Chose life when given the choice.

I don't regret any "big" hairstyle I have ever worn. You would think by the pictures that I would, but truth be told, I am longing for the day that big hair comes back.

I don't regret the vast amounts of ice tea (preferably green) I drink, although everyone says it is unhealthy. I have been known to consume up to 2 gallons a day and the last sip of the day is just as tasty as the first sip.

No regrets on the 95% of the time that I am completely awesome.

So contrary to popular belief my life has been far from perfect!

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