Monday, July 16, 2012

Randy to the Rescue

Don't you just love Randy?
Brock had ACL surgery this summer and with a full recovery of 4-6 months you can imagine how exciting our summer has been. For the past month, he has been unable to drive or even get into the front the seat of the car. He can only be on his feet for about 30 minutes unless it is an activity related to Lacrosse for which his body experiences some sort of miraculous recovery which last until said Lacrosse activity is over. We do get out to go to restaurants provided there is no wait and he can sit in a both large enough to prop up his leg, no tables, or no bar stools.......and I've never needed a bar stool more.  You know when the blind experience a heightened sense of smell to make up for not being able to see? Well, Brock has experienced increase eye hand coordination particularly in the thumb. Although he can't walk, the speed which he can flip through channels and process what is on a channel is nothing short of amazing. In other words, we have been watching A LOT of TV. I mean the shows we would never watch...those that are on from 11am-3pm.

One particular afternoon, we settled on "Randy to the Rescue", it was obvious Brock had no idea what he was rescuing people from. For those that haven't seen the show, Randy comes in when you can't find your wedding dress. Randy is everything you want him to be and I imagine him to be the perfect friend. He is positive, upbeat, happy, and solution oriented. Randy doesn't care if you are 80lbs over weight, he will find your perfect dress. You don't like the bow in the front of your dress, don't worry, Randy will make one for you in same color as the cowboy boots you are going to be wearing. The friends you brought to the fitting are bullying you into a dress you don't like, don't worry, Randy will put them in their place and will ALWAYS take your side. You have shitty taste, don't worry, Randy will do your hair and make-up so awesome that no one will notice the hid dress you are wearing. That's how Randy rolls....sweet, wonderful Randy.

After watching about 3 minutes of Randy to the Rescue, Brock seemed a little anxious.......

Brock: So what else does Randy rescue people from?
Me: Nothing, his specialty is wedding dresses.
Brock: Really?
Me: Yes, really. What did you think he would rescue people from?
Brock: I just assumed based on the title, he covered a lot of ground. Like if your back deck was broken he would come out and show you how to fix it. Maybe he could replace your septic tank. Maybe he knew what to do with a rattlesnake bite.  I have to be honest, I feel a little mislead.
Me: I wish Randy would show up here.

And that is how my summer is going.

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