Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bikini Waitresses

My new work uniform!
I love Craigslist. I read it everyday. You never know when a job opportunity may come along that changes your life. I stumbled on this little gem this morning and could not waste a moment in getting my resume out to this fine establishment.

Actual Craigslist Ad:

"If you are HOT & love to flaunt it, especially in a HOT BIKINI, we want to cast you!The World Famous Bare Elegance LAX is currently casting Bikini WAITRESSES & Bikini DANCERS (Who knew!)... NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED AT ALL - Call 310-671-3263 NOW!
If you would like to work in a chill, sexy, night club environment that is exciting, comfortable and financially rewarding, this is a chance YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS!
You will be at the club during the best shifts and could DEFINITELY be making more money than you ever have, TONIGHT!

GREAT Money, GREAT Schedule & LOTS OF FUN! You (and we) are very lucky you are alive at this moment reading this.Thank you & Good Luck.

Please call 310-671-3263 and ask for Randy or, a manager on duty (Shawn, Sal or Ivan), to schedule an appointment for an interview.

Email us FULL FRONT, FULL BACK & CLOSE UP FACE pictures of you in a bikini, and your phone number, to:"

My Cover Letter:

"Dear Randy or Shawn or Sal or Ivan,

Now that I've calmed down from all the excitement from reading your ad, I am very interested in the position as Bikini Waitress. I usually only see openings for Bikini Dancers but BIKINI WAITRESS.....that is right in my wheel house. You were right, you have no idea how happy I am that I'm alive and read your ad.

In answer to your question, "do I like to flaunt it in a hot bikini".....yes! A MILLION times yes! That is if by hot bikini you mean HOT TANKINI. Picture this if you will, a paisley print tankini with full stomach coverage...(with a name like Bare Elegance, I'm sure you agree a little mystery is much sexier). The straps are optional but I'm no JEZEBEL so they will stay on. For the bottoms I have 2 options, the boy cut short or the skort.......I know, I know I was thinking the same thing....the skort is really the only option. Which reminds me, should I wear a swimming cap? Or just the goggles?

As for work conditions.....I love a chill, sexy, comfortable environment. I can think of no better way to serve food and bus tables in a tankini! As for making more money than "I ever have, TONIGHT", I must warn you I'm currently a lunch lady. I'm not sure if you are aware of the pay scale of a lunch lady but it does reach hundreds of dollars a week. As for the "TONIGHT" part, "TONIGHT'S" not really good for me as I'm really behind on my US Weeklys and I would be useless knowing that I would be coming home to all that reading. Would "TOMORROW" night work or may "DAY AFTER TOMORROW NIGHT"?

As for faster results by submitting a picture (Front, Back and Face Close Up), that will have to wait for now. The current lighting is not conducive for very pale skin tone.

I look forward to your RESPONSE.

In comfortable sexiness,
Ginger Scone"

Now I wait......

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