Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Superstitious, Much?

As you may or may not know, Brock is a High School Lacrosse Coach.  Our spring was filled with practices, games, and this year, adherence to a demanding set of superstitions. The season started out pretty average with a 2-2 record, but then something magical happened and the team went on a 9 game winning streak. Now, sane most people would say that it was due to hard work, talented players and a good coaching staff. At our house, although we believed all those things to be true, we (by we, I mean Brock) also believed that the winning streak was helped along by the following superstitions. I have taken the liberty of giving you the pros and cons of each one as I think its important to fully understand how I feel about some of these things.

The Beard
Brock stopped shaving once the team started winning, thus a beard. As one parent asked, "he's not growing that thing out like some sort of dictator is he?". Thankfully, no, he kept it trimmed.
Pro: It wasn't a mustache
Con:The beard did become the 3rd person in the house. "The beard doesn't want to watch TMZ." "The beard wants to sleep in." " The beard doesn't feel like cleaning the garage". I despised that beard.

Keeping Stats
I happened to be at the stat table when the winning streak started and there I stayed.
Pro: It really is the best seat in the house.
Con: There are a lot of stats in Lacrosse, which I'm confident I captured about 35% of.

Khaki Pants
Brock believed that his khaki pants were instrumental in winning.
Pro: It's Khaki, what can go wrong.
Con: I have no proof of this but I think he also didn't wash them. Oh, khaki pants would appear in the laundry but when I saw him at the games the pants always had the same Gatorade/Meatball Sub/melted Power Bar design down the right pant leg.

Spaghetti Dinner
Brock believed that having the team over for spaghetti dinners was extending the winning streak, this one I believed in.
Pro: They really are a lovely group.
Con: We have a white couch.

Washing the Uniforms
There is someone at the school that washes all the uniforms after the games.....but he made a fatal mistake after the 3rd game....he forgot to wash them. In a panic Brock rushed them home and we washed them right before the first game in the winning streak.
Pros: I'm not sure what you are looking for here.
Cons: Lacrosse equipment/uniforms have a unique odor. Things I would rather smell than lacrosse equipment/uniforms: skunk, 2 skunks, a family of skunks. 

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