Friday, January 21, 2011

My Stuff-Part 2

Several years ago I asked a friend of mine if he had seen the new Shrek movie.. to which he responded that he had not. When I asked him if he planned on seeing it, he said probably not as he hadn't seen the first one and wasn't sure if he would be able to follow along. I assured him that the plot wasn't that complex and he would probably be able to catch on in the first few minutes of the movie...herewith, is Part 2 of  My Stuff. If you find yourself lost please refer to my previous post.

Favorite Discovery The little old Indian lady that goes around the neighborhood with her shopping cart collecting cans out of the trash has the best gossip about my neighbors and will tell you everything as long as you answer her uncomfortable questions such as,  "Why you not work", "Why you not have kids", "Why you dog look like he's dead" (Goose tends to lay on his back in our driveway and sun himself ) Necessary Extravagance Power Steering Favorite Places in the World Iowa, Virginia, My Home, J Crew Stores, the Gym Favorite Movies Breakfast Club, The Jerk, Departed Favorite Hotel Westin and Hampton Inn (they both accept dogs) Favorite Vintage Stores Garage Sales

Where do you live Tarzana, CA (yes, named after Tarzan) Favorite Art I have 5 Iowa State Fair Vintage Posters (my favorite is the one with the flying pig) Coffee Maker Mr. Coffee Ice Tea Maker (used once a day) Stationery Yellow Post Its Favorite Gadget TV Remote Favorite Neighborhood Restaurant Pho So 1 Pet Dog and Best Friend, Goose Favorite Drink Green Ice Tea (no less than 1 gallon at a time) Favorite Dessert My Great Grandmothers Chocolate Cake with Butterscotch Frosting Favorite Ingredient Tabasco Favorite Snack Popcorn Sheets The kind that one corner always comes off your mattress in the middle of the night tangling your head or feet in and rendering you immobile for the remainder of the night.

This concludes my stuff....I guess now the mystery is gone.

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