Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Stuff, Part 1

As I begin my 5th week of unemployment I have decided to take up a new hobby, reading. I have chosen reading for a few reasons: 1) I already know how to read  and 2) I have a lot of Vanity Fair magazines sitting around from the last year and a half that are unread.  I love a lot of things about Vanity Fair but one of my favorite recurring pieces is the monthly half page article titled, "My Stuff". This is where the latest designer, actress, author, musician, etc tell you what their favorite things are. Although it is interesting to read that one fashion designer's favorite soap is "organic-lavender and jasmine handmade soaps for the Fairfax flea market in Los Angeles", it doesn't seem to be very relatable to me. Since I felt this way, I assume many others do as well, herewith (a term I picked up from Vanity Fair) are my favorite things (that I think we can all relate to)

Lipstick Cherry Flavored ChapstickMascara Sephora-Black, worn once a weekShampoo Pantene...alwaysMoisturizer L'Oreal.  Hair Product Comb and on occassion a ScrunchiiPerfume Febreze...for WomenToothpaste Colgate Gel (trust me on this, I didn't have a cavity until I was 29).   Nail Polish Color 1-2 times a year I wear clearSoap The most flowery smelling body wash I can find to prevent Brock from hogging it....the Vanilla, Carmel, Honeysuckle & Cherry Blossom one I'm currenly using seems to be doing the trick.  Tanning Product Whatever sunscreen that keeps your skin the palest shade of white but still allows you to freckle.  

Jeans Mom and Gap Trousers.  Underwear Grandma.  Sneakers Nikes circa 2009.  T-Shirt Hanes Men's White V-Neck,  3 Pack.  Day Bag Fanny Pack.  Evening Bag Bedazzled Fanny Pack. Favorite Accessory My Vintage Charm Bracelet with my Corn Dog Charm (I'm not even joking on this one...its fantastic!).  Watch Kitchen clock on a gold chain worn around my neck (think Flava Flav) for daytime, Burberry for evening.

There you have it...My Stuff. I'm guessing I'm more like you than you care to admit. Stay tuned for Part Two.

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