Sunday, December 2, 2012

Where. Are. The. Puppies.

To keep busy, I joined Instagram. Actually, I joined it about a year and a half ago but have just recently started using it as it was post endless pictures of my dogs, food and random things I find funny that no one else does. It's better than Facebook in that all you can post are pictures; no political rants, no articles, no music videos (who knows....maybe you can do this-but I don't know how). Like most people, first thing I did was follow all my Facebook friends who are on Instagram. Second thing I did was search for accounts that I would find interesting, obviously I searched "puppies".  That's when I stumbled upon "puppiesinstagram". I started following @puppiesinstragram and oh, were there pictures of puppies. A puppy bulldog in reindeer ears, a long haired chiahuahau in a puffy vest at the beach, a golden retriever in a onesy and so on and so on. Each day at least 10 pictures of puppies, each one cuter than the next. But then @puppieinstragram posted a picture of a human. How dare he post a picture of human when I and the other 302,000 followers of the account want puppies. But shortly after there were 20 more puppy pictures posted and life was good again. A few days later, once again, another picture of a human. OK, this is where things started to get ugly because one thing I know for sure in this world is that if promise pictures of puppies and you don't deliver pictures of puppies, you will piss off about 302,000 people sitting around waiting to see pictures of puppies.

Herewith, are a few of the comments that followers left after the 2nd picture of a human (not a puppy) was posted. None of these are made up....Enjoy!

-Where. Are. The. Puppies.
-Those are NOT pups!!!!!! For the last time WE WANT TO SEE PUPS and pups ONLY!!!!!!!! How are you not getting that?!?!?!
-This isn't a puppy.
-Stop posting things other than puppies.
-No one wants to see this.
-Are you planning on posting things other than puppies? I would appreciate an answer.
-What is this shit?
-What does this crap have to do with puppies?
-What kind of puppy is this???
-You stink without puppies.
-What do we want? PUPPIES When do we want them? NOW

Oh, also forgot to mention that Instagram is great for intellectual stimulation.

PS. You can follow me on Instagram @gingerscone....and there will be pictures of dogs.

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